Thursday, January 15

Crochet Heart Ornament Pattern

crocheted heart

I mentioned I am a planner. Again I hate being rushed with projects, it really takes the fun out. So Valentines here we come! Definitely my new mindset is crochet (I did start a small knitting project last night but more on that later). I often think to myself, could I decorate that with crochet? could I make that with a crochet pattern? is their a pattern for that? I started by googling crochet heart patterns. There are a ton! I tried a few different ones. While I like this one, this pattern for hearts in the garland is much faster. I wanted bigger hearts though so I added a another round on top of the pattern. Here is the pattern. Again the starting point of the heart is from this garland, which I also made a couple of and is easy and very valentiney! I will show you the garland later though.

crocheted heart
(Those strings hanging down like that is really bothering me. sorry.)

Crochet Heart Ornament

Skill level: beginner
worsted weight, I used Simply Soft by Caron
Hook: Size I
Time: 5-15 minutes

treble crochet
double crochet
single crochet


Chain 14. In the 4th chain from hook: complete the beginning heart pattern here: from 3 TR to the Chain 2 (17 stitches including the chain stitches). Slip stitch into the top of the heart. Slip stitch into the chain at the left point of the heart. SC 1 in next chain. 2 DC in each of next 3 stitches. 1 DC into each of next 4 stitches. At the bottom of the heart, 3 DC in same stitch. 1 DC into each of next 4 stitches. 2 DC in each of next 3 stitches. SC 1 in next stitch. Slip stitch in last 2 stitches. This should bring you to center of heart top. Chain 9. Tie the two chains together and cut tails.

You could use these a bunch of these as a garland or attach to a gift or wine bottle (as my friend suggested!)

EDIT: chart pattern here


MamaJenn said...

How sweet! Thanks for sharing. I will be trying my hand at these for sure. said...

Oh how sweet! This is perfect practice for me. I'll be linking.

Norma said...

I wanted to do these last year and I didn't get a chance. Thanks for the pattern. I'll do them for sure. :)

craftwithme said...

Thank you so much for sharing these, I have yet been able to figure how to crochet a dang heart! :D

von Hand zu Hand said...

thanks for this little tutorial.

i love these cute hearts. i suppose my daughter wants to have some of them.

i set a link to your post in my blog. i hope you'll agree. if not, please leave a short comment.

bye, doro.

Pixie said...

I'm making a garland from the original pattern, with your larger version alternating with the small ones. Thanks for sharing!!

jenni said...

thank you for the nice words everyone! and Pixie your garland sounds great, I might try that next year!

Heidi said...

Thanks for your tutorial. The hearts look really sweet and your colours are lovely!
Best wishes from Austria

Beyla said...

I love love love these, but I just don't get written instructions. I sat here with some lumps on a string and though uh-ohhh....
Any chance you'll ever make a chart? Charts are brilliant!

Meryl said...

These are so sweet! The bad thing about watching the ornament swap photo pool is that I want one of them all!

Fugzilla said...

the link to the chart pattern is dead. Any way I could get you to email it to me?

jenni said...

Hi Fugzilla, I didn't get your email address so I hope you check the comments. I corrected the chart pattern link now, so please click again and it should work! Thanks so much for letting me know.

Fugzilla said...

awe thank ya! I love these! I have been making tons!

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The Tree Lady said...

I've been trying to figure out how to do these. Thanks for sharing the pattern.

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Narelle Levitt said...

I'm so sorry - I love these little hearts and I am a competent crocheter - but I can't follow your pattern at all (and I can't do charts :( )

Help :(


jenni.simplebeans said...

Hi Narelle, perhaps try the link above, this is the heart that I extended my pattern on too, sorry it's not making sense the way I wrote it. Maybe after you try one, the chart will make more sense?

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