Wednesday, October 7


above is little hello notecards and assorted gift tags (so cute) wrapped up for gifts

I scored a sweet COLOR scanner/copier/printer at a garage sale a few weeks back. I am so pumped that now I can print pretty pretty things in COLOR! I never ever looked at the printables section of one pretty thing because I knew it was just going to make me soooo mad I didn't have a color printer. But now I can LOOK LOOK LOOK and then PRINT PRINT PRINT! woot woot!

here are some pretty things I like:

apple stationary
photo borders
gift jam labels
12 different colors of thank you cards
a little hello notecards (pictured above)
smiling star (perfect for kids birthday cards)
cupcake wrappers!
flower stationary (i have no idea what I would use this for but i just love it)
birdie notecards
flower postcard
assorted gift tags (pictured above)
Christmas gift labels
halloween note cards
black apple halloween note cards
fall themed cupcake wrappers

Eeeek I am going to run out of ink!


Becky said...

Thanks for all the great links! I'm also a PA girl! So I have an idea and am trying to see what people think of it. Please check it out. Thanks

Stephanie said...

I swear the stars have aligned just for me! My dad called and told me he has THREE ink cartridges for my printer.. I'm thinking.. ink, color ink, lots of ink - ohhhh the fun with printing: finally!!
And then I see this?
Merci buckets my friend!!!

Kristin9204 said...

I love all these links! Thanks for sharing!

Whisker Graphics said...

Hi Jenni,
I recognize my little gift tags in your photo! So glad you're enjoying them and they're going out into the world!