Monday, June 21

addiction: cloth diaper covers!

cloth diaper covers

holy moly, this is an addiction. I am trying so hard not to head to goodwill and make this addiction really serious. I want to see how well these wool and fleece covers work with my diapers (and of course Jane) before I go crazy though. So I just used an old sweater of mine, a sad end to a nice sweater of Gregg's (accidental trip in the dryer), and some leftover fleece.

cloth diaper covers

After I made the fleece ones, I was a bit concerned the fleece isn't of high enough quality to stop leaks. I read somewhere it is best to get polar fleece, like the stuff Northface jackets are made out of. The fleece I used is some cheap stuff from Joann's I got to make Lill's robe. So one cover has the extra soaker panel (see pattern link) sewed in and the other has a double layer of fleece for the whole body of the diaper.

cloth diaper covers
I can't wait to see Jane's little chubby legs sticking through these holes!

The wool covers are off the charts cute! I was a bit confused on which way the grain of a knit garment would go. So I may have messed up there. I had to recut some of the waist and leg bands for what seemed to be a more stretchier band going against the grain or what I thought would be the grain. Does anybody know which direction the grain is in? I also didn't felt the grey sweater, remembering after the sewing was finished, that I had read that a small amount of felting is helpful. So I am wondering how the felted vs non-felted covers will fair.

cloth diaper covers

Pattern: found here. genius, genius, genius!! what a fast and simple way to make a wool diaper cover! If you do this, make sure to read all the comments, there was some very helpful information in there.

Size: all newborn. I am waiting to make more in bigger sizes to see if I like what I did with these ones. I have just used diaper covers that are made out of PUL so I am very curious about using wool and fleece and making them for so cheap! Does anyone have experience with wool or fleece covers?

cloth diaper covers

Just in case anyone asks, when Jane first comes, we got some kissaluv fitted diapers (pictured in the background above). We used these with Lilly and they worked so well for us. Easy to care for and excellent at containment! They do need a cover so hopefully these covers will work but we will buy some small PUL covers too just in case, those sure work great. When Jane gets older, we have a large stack of all in ones and chinese pre-folds. The all in ones were sort of a bummer to me, they leaked with Lills and I had to use a PUL cover with them, unless of course you changed them every hour which seemed completely crazy. The chinese pre-folds were my favorite from 3 to 6 months. We stopped cloth diapering Lills at 6 months because that is when she started daycare (not a cloth diaper friendly place) and solid food poo! yikes!!! Jane will start daycare at about 3 months, so we will have to wait and see what happens this time around. But we are hoping to go a bit longer this time, if it works for us. I do get asked why we like cloth diapering and I really can't answer it. I just like it!


Kristin said...

I am totally addicted to cloth diapers as well! I personally love my pocket diapers but I would be very interested in making myself a few wool covers to try with the prefolds I do have.

曉薇 said...
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UK lass in US said...

My mum always made daft comments about how she 'just liked seeing all the cloth nappies - diapers - hanging out on the line to dry'. I never got that excited over laundry myself, so never could really see her point, but still...

堅強堅強 said...
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Molly said...

Dang, I think these are the cutest little things i've ever seen!!