Thursday, December 10

a robe and the mountain baby blanket project

One present checked off Lill's list! And it was something she has been asking for for months. a blue robe. I wear a robe all the time, they are just so cozy and warm, Lilly decided she wanted to be cozy and warm too and she is really into matching outfits.

Lilly's blue robe

pattern: see and sew 4635
material: plain old blue fleece

It is a little big on her, I ended up having to try it on her, but I think it should be okay after I took in the top around the front band and shortened the sleeves. I will probably let her open this a few days early. I am a bit worried that she is going to be overwhelmed with all the presents she is going to get and I want her to really enjoy each one as she opens so we are thinking of giving her our gifts spread out in the few days before Christmas. But maybe that is part of the fun for kids on Christmas being completely overwhelmed with presents!

mountain baby blanket project
Another thing completed, a blanket for the mountain baby blanket project! Nicole and I worked on this one together. We choose to do a rag time quilt so we could each complete squares and sew them into strips long distance then I sewed all of our strips into a real live blanket and cut up the seam allowances for the raginess. I think it is quite pretty. The colors really pop and it is such a nice cuddly blanket. Nicole choose the color palette and she used all the really fun prints. Who cares if our seams don't match so that the last row had to be cut off to make it all match, as Nicole said "I am proud of us!"

mountain baby blanket project

mountain baby blanket project

mountain baby blanket project

Pattern: this tutorial, we cut our fabric squares 8", batting 6", 80 blocks
Size: 60" x 48"

I have been slooooowly working on another mountain baby blanket. I really want both of these quilts to be sent in time for the babies to be warm at Christmas so hopefully I can bust a move on it this weekend.


Laurie Anne said...

Gorgeous quilt blankets! So cozy! and that robe looks so snuggly :)

Shorty said...

So pretty! Well, I guess I should note that I'm referring to the blankets, but that robe looks perfect, too! Kudos to you for knocking out some of your holiday stitchery! I have two gifts left to make... one a little girl's apron and one crocheted ruffly scarf.

Stephanie said...

I love that blanket!You seriously amaze me constantly. Tell me you have an area in your house that gets neglected from all your insane craftiness.
and yes, I'm just totally frenvious!!