Wednesday, April 29

decisions, decisions

We changed our original game plan with the little maids quilt. I had wanted to do a large wall hanging to put on the wall above the bed in our guest room. We decided to do friendship star blocks around the little maid blocks. But after making one friendship star it was clear they would steal the show from the maids and any block pattern would do the same. We think we will do a smaller wall hanging with the maids. I am so glad my mom is here to help. I probably would have gone ahead with the quilt and not liked it but not realize why. In two seconds, my mom had diagnosed the problem. whew.

Monday, April 27

traveling crochet

First, I apologize for clogging up your blog reader with a video of my daughter last week. Having two blogs can get confusing sometimes!

Here are the projects I worked on in my travels the other week. Crafting has been a bit slow this past week. My sweater is still going, slowly but going. I have been so tired at night that all I can muster is starring at the tv or the internet. My parents are coming for a visit this week though! My mom and I will work on the pretty little maids all in a row quilt! However, this weekend I did work on a fun little project to share with you later this week.

Baby, it is Cold Outside Sweater. I wanted to find a good boy sweater pattern. What do you think, is it manly enough? I really like this pattern. It was pretty easy and using lionbrand homespun yarn made it pretty thick and warm.
baby sweater

Crochet Cardigan. I really like this one. I added a few rows to the placket. I think next time I will change a few things to make the sweater bigger and eliminate the decorative holes. but I really like this one. I don't see it working for a boy though, what do you think?
baby sweater

Baby Bumpy sweater. I don't like this one. Something is not right with it. I would like to try it on a baby to see if it fits okay. I was thinking it would look cute with short sleeves (imagine a long sleeve onesie, jeans, and that belly sticking out of course in the sweater). hmmmm. I just looked at the pattern picture again. Maybe I did something wrong, theirs looks so much better. again I say hmmm.
baby sweater

Newborn hat. This hat took more time than other hat patterns but I LOVE it. So stretchy and cute.
newborn hat

Wednesday, April 22

fabric fun

Thank you for your suggestions on knitting needles. In the end, I chickened out and stuck with crochet on the airplane. Although on the way back from New Orleans, my little pair of scissors didn't get caught by security so I guess knitting needles would be okay. I have a few loose ends to wrap up with the crochet projects but I got 3 baby sweaters and a newborn hat made on my travels. I hope to show you soon. I am trying to find a good but easy sweater pattern to give as baby gifts so it was fun to try 3 different ones.

This blog and craftiness have been a little neglected this past week but I wanted to share a few little projects I worked on in the past few weeks:

fabric flowers!
fabric flowers
This was such a fun project. I had all the supplies just hanging out in the craft room, a sick little daughter was sleeping away, and just look! Cute!

fabric barn.
fabric barn
I really love this pattern and tutorial. I don't love what I did to mine = ( In hindsight my problem was the batting. It was way to thick and lumpy. It was also hard for me to see where I should place the siding. My hand stitching is horrendous, the worst I think I have ever done. I ended up not doing any applique to make it look like a barn, I was kinda over it. However, I am looking forward to trying this again with my new knowledge in mind. My girl still liked it. Perfect for her animals.

circular knitting needle holder!
circular needle holder
Yes I needed one, for my one circular needle! The idea base for my holder came from the book Stitch in Bitch Knitters handbook. I made mine half as long and made buttonholes in the tabs, which I shortened too. I don't know why I added buttonholes other than the fact I just like making them.

Friday, April 17


First off, one of my good friends is an amazing cook. As her roommate and friend I was lucky to get many meals cooked by her. She recently started her own cooking blog, Cook it, Eat it, Blog it. Isn't that a cute name? Go check her out she has all kind of fun recipes to share.

April 206
Still knitting away here. I am making pretty good progress. The back is finished and one front side. Another front, two sleeves, and the neck. The lace pattern is not difficult at all! Much easier than another lace pattern I tried for a scarf. I do have one mistake but I don't think it is that noticeable, so I decided to not try and fix it. I find it is very hard to rip out knitted stitches, I never know which way to the put the stitch back on the hook, I usually end up twisting it the wrong way.
April 200

I am off to a conference for work this weekend and into next week. I like to think of work conferences as a mini vacation for me. I will miss my family like crazy but thinking positively makes leaving them much easier to deal with. SO the big question!! What should I bring to work on?? A whole plane ride to do what I want (no holding my breath that my daughter will not scream or poop!!!)?? I will bring my knitting so if I find some spare time in the hotel I have something to work on. But I am hesitate to try to bring the needles on the plane with me. I have heard mixed opinions on if it is safe to bring needles on the plane. Bamboo is better? Do you have any experience? I have never had a problem with crochet hooks so I think I will definitely consider starting a new crochet project. hmmm. any advice or suggestions is greatly appreciated!

Thursday, April 9

my first ball of yarn

I decided to take the plunge and buy some "good" yarn for two sweater projects. First up, is the lace panel cardi. I got cascades 220 in straw (dark gold heather) for this sweater. I knitted my swatch last night and started the back of the cardigan. I didn't notice before last night but this pattern is marked as intermediate (I think) well its definitely not beginner. I am a little nervous about that. Two things in this pattern I have never done before, lace and picking up knitted stitches. I figure that if the lace is not going well I will just do a stockinette stitch.
lace panel cardi

The yarn came in hanks (how cool!). So after I petted it a bit, I learned how to make a center pull ball of yarn. It is soooo nice to knit with a ball of yarn. I have only done center pull skeins, no comparison between the two! So far I really like this yarn and I can see why there are yarn snobs out there, shunning acrylic yarn left and right.
lace panel cardi

yes, that quilt top is still there. Something about working all day and not feeling like stippling for 3 hours and of course that new yarn shipment.

Wednesday, April 8

egg cards

A quick Happy Easter card that my girl and I did. She created the art and I did the cards. This is a good way to use some of that artwork that accumulates.

  • artwork (She was very into watercolor painting this weekend which made for pretty eggs. She also dumped the cup of water onto the paper that she colored with marker, pretty effect too.)
  • egg template (I used an egg shape cookie cutter)
  • scissors
  • adhesive (I used double sided tape)
  • card stock

:: Trace and cut eggs from the artwork.
egg cards

egg cards

:: Cut card stock to fit egg. Add decorative edge if desired.
egg cards

:: I ended up just sending the cards like this with writing our message on the back of the cardstock instead of taping the cardstock to a folding card.
egg cards

egg cards

quick and easy! (can you see the quilt top sitting there? I need to get on that)

Tuesday, April 7

love projects

love heart!
love heart
I am in love with how the embroidered writing turned out. I am not in love with the shape of the heart. It is okay, I don't hate it but I don't love it. I put this up in our "love hallway". It has our wedding picture and some lovey dovey sayings. perfect fit.

bombay love sweater!
bombay love baby sweater
Do you crochet?? Make this sweater now! Super easy. I think it was 2 nights of crafting worth. Included in that is some serious debate over which buttons to sew on. I think one of these sweaters in white or cream would be perfect for a cute little dress. I think my girl needs one if I can size it up. hmmm.
bombay love baby sweater

Sunday, April 5

little projects

The thing about little projects is that they finish quickly. Then you need something else to start. Big projects are always there for you and they give you a nice proud moment at the end. I have lots of little projects to show you but I really, really want to show you my new big project. I was at a loss of what to do with myself yesterday so I went to my trusty list and picked the stacked coin quilt. Still a work in progress, but I love it so far.

stacked coin quilt top

Oh, could someone explain to the husband that just because you have drawers of fabric, new fabric might still be needed? silly husband. I had to explain this to him as I needed the white fabric. However, everything else came from the drawers. I am pumped the way these fabrics came together. I had planned to post this hours ago but we got hooked on watching Weeds. Have you seen it yet? so good! I hope you had a good weekend too! see you soon!

stacked coin quilt top

Wednesday, April 1

Crochet Egg Ornaments

I wanted some fun egg ornaments to hang in our living room. These babies are doing the trick!

crochet egg

Crochet Egg Ornaments

Skill level: beginner
worsted weight (I used caron simply soft in blue mint, mango, watermelon)
Hook: Size I
Swatch Gauge: it doesn't matter for this pattern!

single crochet
half double crochet
HDC2tog: HDC 2 stitches together
SC2tog: SC 2 stitches together

Starting Chain: Chain 8 with yarn A.

Row 1: Work 1 HDC into 2nd CH from hook and in every CH across to last CH. CH 1, turn. (7 HDC)

Row 2: 2 HDC in first stitch. 1 HDC in each stitch until last stitch, 2 HDC in last stitch. CH 1 (9 HDC)

Row 3: HDC in each stitch across. CH 1. (9 HDC)

Row 4: HDC2tog, HDC in each stitch across to last stitch,HDC2tog, CH 1. (7 stitches)

switch to yarn B, leave yarn A attached. We will be able to hide this strand at the end.

Row 5: 1 HDC in each stitch across, CH 1. (7 HDC)

Row 6: HDC2tog, 1 HDC in each stitch across to last stitch, HDC2tog, CH 1. (5 stitches)

Switch to yarn A. Let yarn B hang down we will cut and secure it later.

Row 7-8: 1 HDC in each stitch across. CH 1 (5 HDC)

Row 9: HDC2tog, 1 HDC, HDC2tog. CH 1. (3 stitches)

Edging: SC around entire edge until you reach the 3 HDC from row 9 (took me ~26 sc). SC2tog twice. bind off, weave in ends.

Attach yarn color of choice in the center stitch at the top of egg. Chain 10. Attach chain back to center stitch. Secure. Tie loose ends together and cut tails. Hang and enjoy!

crochet eggs

I might try a zigzag pattern instead of a straight stripe in the 2nd color. Or it would be fun to do a single color egg then embroider an initial or make a slew of them and embroider one letter on each to make a word. After I made the first one, the other two flew by, so I think it would be an easy project. Let me know if you try it!