Monday, April 27

traveling crochet

First, I apologize for clogging up your blog reader with a video of my daughter last week. Having two blogs can get confusing sometimes!

Here are the projects I worked on in my travels the other week. Crafting has been a bit slow this past week. My sweater is still going, slowly but going. I have been so tired at night that all I can muster is starring at the tv or the internet. My parents are coming for a visit this week though! My mom and I will work on the pretty little maids all in a row quilt! However, this weekend I did work on a fun little project to share with you later this week.

Baby, it is Cold Outside Sweater. I wanted to find a good boy sweater pattern. What do you think, is it manly enough? I really like this pattern. It was pretty easy and using lionbrand homespun yarn made it pretty thick and warm.
baby sweater

Crochet Cardigan. I really like this one. I added a few rows to the placket. I think next time I will change a few things to make the sweater bigger and eliminate the decorative holes. but I really like this one. I don't see it working for a boy though, what do you think?
baby sweater

Baby Bumpy sweater. I don't like this one. Something is not right with it. I would like to try it on a baby to see if it fits okay. I was thinking it would look cute with short sleeves (imagine a long sleeve onesie, jeans, and that belly sticking out of course in the sweater). hmmmm. I just looked at the pattern picture again. Maybe I did something wrong, theirs looks so much better. again I say hmmm.
baby sweater

Newborn hat. This hat took more time than other hat patterns but I LOVE it. So stretchy and cute.
newborn hat


nicole said...

i really like them all! my favorite is the second one. but i think the first one is totally manly enough and i think you could make the second one manly... maybe some stripes or something? good work!

Mel said...

oooo...I really liked that brown one. I think it would dang cute on a little girl. And for the red one, I can totally see what kind of an outfit you are imagining. Very cute!!

Shorty said...

I think your bumpy sweater looks great, and I must admit it looks better than the one in the picture you linked to. Yours suits my taste more.

And I think the brown sweater could certainly be worn by a boy... with some jeans rolled up a bit, dark socks and a dark undershirt, a ball cap or newsboy shaped hat... I think it looks very urban.

Very cool stuff!

Anonymous said...


Stopped by to browse very blog, I crochet and I just signed up to take a 5 part knitting class this May. I am not sure if I can get use to using two needles but I am willing to give it a try!

I love both of the top two sweater and believe they can both be worn by a girl or a boy. The 3rd sweater I like it and I could only see a little girl wearing this in the winter with a shirt/turtleneck underneath.
I absolutely love the hat, color I am not sure about.

I just hope that I can learn to knit the you do!

jenni said...

thanks for your input everybody! I think I am going to try another sweater like the one in brown and get rid of the decorative holes. The great thing about crochet is that it goes fast!

Rima said...

You are really liking the top down stuff, right? I love it too! Great projects.