Wednesday, April 22

fabric fun

Thank you for your suggestions on knitting needles. In the end, I chickened out and stuck with crochet on the airplane. Although on the way back from New Orleans, my little pair of scissors didn't get caught by security so I guess knitting needles would be okay. I have a few loose ends to wrap up with the crochet projects but I got 3 baby sweaters and a newborn hat made on my travels. I hope to show you soon. I am trying to find a good but easy sweater pattern to give as baby gifts so it was fun to try 3 different ones.

This blog and craftiness have been a little neglected this past week but I wanted to share a few little projects I worked on in the past few weeks:

fabric flowers!
fabric flowers
This was such a fun project. I had all the supplies just hanging out in the craft room, a sick little daughter was sleeping away, and just look! Cute!

fabric barn.
fabric barn
I really love this pattern and tutorial. I don't love what I did to mine = ( In hindsight my problem was the batting. It was way to thick and lumpy. It was also hard for me to see where I should place the siding. My hand stitching is horrendous, the worst I think I have ever done. I ended up not doing any applique to make it look like a barn, I was kinda over it. However, I am looking forward to trying this again with my new knowledge in mind. My girl still liked it. Perfect for her animals.

circular knitting needle holder!
circular needle holder
Yes I needed one, for my one circular needle! The idea base for my holder came from the book Stitch in Bitch Knitters handbook. I made mine half as long and made buttonholes in the tabs, which I shortened too. I don't know why I added buttonholes other than the fact I just like making them.


nicole said...

omg! 4 projects while you were gone = good work!

love all these!

angeltreats said...

I think that fabric barn might just be one of the cutest things I've ever seen!

Kristin9204 said...

Love love love the flowers! I am going to try these because I need some cute flowers for my table at Green Baby Expo. Last year I put real flowers in a vase with water and it was so hot that day that the water got super hot and the flowers just wilted. It was terrible so I think this is the perfect solution, fabric flowers can't wilt no matter what temp!

UK lass in US said...

I think yours looks cute.

I'm sorry, though. It's the batting that really messes up that tutorial. If I had just picked one and said use this, wrap it x times etc, I could have given proper measurements and placements. But my local shop never seems to stock the same stuff twice and I never can find a specific one there. I sqeeze mine down a bit with the duct tape, too.