Tuesday, March 20


I really like to make a big deal about birthdays and half birthdays. I was so busy with teaching and Gregg had a crazy schedule that I didn't get much time to devote to handmade gifts for Lilly's birthday and Jane sure didn't get much of a celebration for her half birthday. (Usually, we do a special dinner and dessert for half birthdays. Jane doesn't like to eat food at dinner time, instead she likes to find old food under the couch and eat that. So, I am glad we didn't let her pick a special dinner.) I did make Lilly's birthday shirt.
February 231

but my mom takes the cake! For my birthday, she made me another pair of socks! I hope she is starting a tradition here, my sister and I love getting her socks. Thanks mom!
February 212

the view above the Will belly at about 23ish weeks.
February 214
February 216

tiny tea leaves

tiny leaves

Lilly talked me into getting her this parrot yarn one day. I had to admit, it is right up her ally. I really thought this knit would be done in early December. Then it wasn't. So I decided to make it a Christmas gift. Then Christmas passed. Then I decided it would be for her birthday. Then her birthday came and went. So she got it a few weeks ago...for no reason at all. Lills didn't even remember that she picked out the yarn. Oy! To make things finish up faster I did 3/4 sleeves, which was the best decision. Lills gets so hot all the time, that she picks this sweater to wear all the time. I really love the yoke on this pattern. I still love the way mine fits.

tiny leaves

yarn: an acrylic, variegated yarn from joann's, that was actually really nice to work with and has held up well so far.

pattern: tiny tea leaves, size 6

tiny leaves