Tuesday, March 20

tiny tea leaves

tiny leaves

Lilly talked me into getting her this parrot yarn one day. I had to admit, it is right up her ally. I really thought this knit would be done in early December. Then it wasn't. So I decided to make it a Christmas gift. Then Christmas passed. Then I decided it would be for her birthday. Then her birthday came and went. So she got it a few weeks ago...for no reason at all. Lills didn't even remember that she picked out the yarn. Oy! To make things finish up faster I did 3/4 sleeves, which was the best decision. Lills gets so hot all the time, that she picks this sweater to wear all the time. I really love the yoke on this pattern. I still love the way mine fits.

tiny leaves

yarn: an acrylic, variegated yarn from joann's, that was actually really nice to work with and has held up well so far.

pattern: tiny tea leaves, size 6

tiny leaves

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likeschocolate said...

I love this sweater. I am going to have to show it to my mom to see if she can make one for my daughter