Sunday, October 28

KCWC: big butt baby pants

Will needed a dashing outfit for Gregg's brothers wedding.  I really wanted him to have a bow tie and suspenders.  I bought the bow tie.  For the elasticized suspenders, I used this tutorial and 1 inch wide elastic.  And of course, I used the big butt baby pants pattern.

big butt baby pants and suspenders
big butt baby pants and suspenders

Pattern: big butt baby pants ; size 6-12 months
Fabric: grey baby wale corduroy and orange polka dots from moda
big butt baby pants and suspenders

Jane and I liked this blackberry color when we were buying Will's corduroy, so we pulled it for her.  I added a cuff on the hem and pockets, because pockets are all the rage with 2 year olds, 

Big butt baby pants with puppet show pockets
Big butt baby pants with puppet show pockets
Pattern: big butt baby pants and Oliver + S puppet show shorts pocket pattern ; size18-24 months with length added
Fabric: blackberry baby wale corduroy

KCWC: Oliver + S field trip cargo pants

pocket pants

I participated in KCWC a few weeks ago.  I really like this challenge and I think this was my 3rd time sewing along.  I had 3 projects I wanted to work on during the week.  The first up was a pair of cargo pants for Lilly.  Sewing pants for Lilly is a personal challenge for me.  She doesn't like wearing jeans as they are hard to play in.  I totally get it.  So last winter I made her two pairs of corduroy and denim chambray pants.  They seemed to be comfy and soft but because I made up the pattern from a pair of her fleece pants, the fit was off a bit.  This time I used Oliver + S field trip cargo pants pattern.  I love love love Oliver + S patterns, this was my 4th time sewing one of their patterns.  I just love how easy the instructions are and the finishing touches make the garment look really polished.

Lilly's pocket pants! 
pocket pants
pocket pants

Pattern: Oliver + S field trip cargo pants; size 6 with 2 inches added to bottom then a 2 inch hem

Fabric: cotton twill in khaki, Lilly wanted them exactly like the pattern picture

pocket pants
pocket pants

They fit her great and she has a ton of room to grow in these!

Monday, October 1

Jane's birthday presents

Jane's birthday presents

Jane loves strawberries and purses so I made her a strawberry purse inspired by this one for her birthday.
strawberry purse

I also loved this apron so I made one for Jane.
handkerchief apron

Neither of these presents were a big hit with Jane but I still liked making them! And she actually has been using the purse the past few days, so maybe?!

beach robes

My sister came for a visit and bought some beach towels for a lake outing.  She couldn't take them home and I decided to turn them into beach/bath robes for Lilly and Jane.  I used Made's pattern and 3 towels.  Both girls got the 3-4t size but Lilly's was lengthened by 4 inches and I added a bit on to the front.

beach robe (pattern by Made)
beach robe (pattern by Made)
beach robe (pattern by Made)
beach robe (pattern by Made)
beach robe (pattern by Made)
beach robe (pattern by Made)

Lilly loves hers and Jane is bit hit or miss.  I love the pattern and think this would make a great baby shower or birthday gift.

Friday, August 31

knitted friends

This spring and summer, I worked on making each kiddo a knitted friend.  Lilly picked out her pattern and colors and helped me decide on what Jane and Will would like.  Currently, no one seems to like any of their knitted friends but I sure liked making them anyway!

"PollyBell" for Lilly from the book Knitted Toys, rav notes here

a cat monster for Jane from the book Big Book of Knitted Monsters, rav notes here
August 139

and a monster for Will, rav notes here.  I am using his monster in his monthly pictures so we can compare his size in each one, although maybe the monster should be closer to him instead of above him.
Will's monster

Look what I made...

a baby!  Will arrived on May 30th 2012!

June 098
July 018
July 142 copy
August 355

He has been here for 3 months already! I can't believe how fast time is going and I haven't shared anything on this blog since March!  I have been sewing and knitting but haven't been taking the time to take pictures or write the details of those projects.  I am a bit annoyed at myself now because I am unsure of what needles I used or what size pants I made so now that Will is bigger I am a bit uncertain on what size he needs next or how to upsize for him.  It has made me realize how important keeping track of what I make on this blog is for me. So I am going to try and be better about writing those details back in this space.  He has outgrown all of his big butt baby pants (made by rae pattern), his quick change pants (from anna marie horner's book), and his newborn manly vests (free pattern).  So I am currently trying to plan sewing and knitting projects for the fall for him, along with projects for each lady.  I just made Will a pair of big butt baby pants this week, I sure love that pattern, I think it takes me 1-2 hours from start to finish now.  Although it takes me 2 days to find that 1-2 hours worth of sewing time!

here are some of his pants and vests with many more to come! Yay for babies!
June 191
June 240
June 267
July 052

Tuesday, March 20


I really like to make a big deal about birthdays and half birthdays. I was so busy with teaching and Gregg had a crazy schedule that I didn't get much time to devote to handmade gifts for Lilly's birthday and Jane sure didn't get much of a celebration for her half birthday. (Usually, we do a special dinner and dessert for half birthdays. Jane doesn't like to eat food at dinner time, instead she likes to find old food under the couch and eat that. So, I am glad we didn't let her pick a special dinner.) I did make Lilly's birthday shirt.
February 231

but my mom takes the cake! For my birthday, she made me another pair of socks! I hope she is starting a tradition here, my sister and I love getting her socks. Thanks mom!
February 212

the view above the Will belly at about 23ish weeks.
February 214
February 216