Tuesday, March 20


I really like to make a big deal about birthdays and half birthdays. I was so busy with teaching and Gregg had a crazy schedule that I didn't get much time to devote to handmade gifts for Lilly's birthday and Jane sure didn't get much of a celebration for her half birthday. (Usually, we do a special dinner and dessert for half birthdays. Jane doesn't like to eat food at dinner time, instead she likes to find old food under the couch and eat that. So, I am glad we didn't let her pick a special dinner.) I did make Lilly's birthday shirt.
February 231

but my mom takes the cake! For my birthday, she made me another pair of socks! I hope she is starting a tradition here, my sister and I love getting her socks. Thanks mom!
February 212

the view above the Will belly at about 23ish weeks.
February 214
February 216


Pam said...

the socks look great :)

magpieandbutton said...

handmade socks are the best! hope everyone enjoyed themselves! x Maggie x x x

Yarny Days said...

CUTE! You make the best things.