Friday, June 26

vacation projects

I wish I could say I have been at the beach since my last post...
June 340

sadly, no, we left our cozy hotel on the bay last weekend (we went to Dewey Beach, DE, near Rehoboth Beach, if you are near, you should go!! really nice little beach town). It has just taken me all week to weave in pesky little ends and sew on buttons to be able to share my vacation projects. Gregg's parents (p.s. I really hate calling them in-laws, I feel like in-laws have a bad name and I just love Gregg's family) are coming for a visit tonight! but that means I needed to clean up our spare bedroom and my crafting dumping grounds. So last night I put down Lilly's stocking and weaved in ends. Of course today was not a bright morning for pictures.

crocheted baby cardigan:
boyish (red heart in brown and lionbrand pound of love in denim)
crochet baby sweater

summery girlish (lionbrand cotton ease in lime)
crochet baby sweater

knitted mustard scarf (on ravelry) (cascade 220 in dark gold heather) I just need a button for this, maybe a nice wooden one. I think it will make a nice birthday gift.
baby hats and knitted scarf
baby hats. (caron simply soft in off-white) seriously love this pattern.

I also worked on a baby blanket but I think I made it too long so I will rip it out and start over.

I ended up not starting the knitted ribbed baby jacket. I completely messed up on the needles I brought. I got confused on the mm of the needle vs the needle number. dang it!

I have decided that I have way too many WIPs or the supplies for new projects just sitting and waiting. I am hoping to donate the month of July to finishing all things that are in progress. I will NOT buy any new supplies. I will ONLY use my crafty budget to finish these projects. Maybe I should go to the chalkboard and write this 100 times?

I hope you have a fun and relaxing weekend planned!

Monday, June 15


I am so PUMPED! Gregg and I were talking about Christmas plans, the fact that we will have our first Christmas on our own. Immediately, I thought stockings, we need stockings (of course we need them RIGHT NOW). Gregg and I have some very special stockings from our childhood that have good memories. However, I wanted to have stockings that would be special for our kids too and I wanted our families stockings to be the same but not matchy. In comes, knitted stockings! I got two books from the library and we all sat together picking what we each wanted.

a felted rainbow stocking, pattern from Christmas Stockings and using Noro Kureyon #253. I actually started this one while waiting to get to the store for a smaller needle for my sweater. The color changes are really fun!
christmas stocking plan

stripey stocking, pattern from Holiday Knits, using berroco ultra alpaca light in cardinal, turquoise mix, and winter white
christmas stocking plan

a version (modifying the top of the stocking) of the traditional stocking from Holiday Knits, using malabrigo chunky in lettuce and natural
christmas stocking plan

I so SPLURGED on the yarns for this. I want these stockings to be with us for a long time and would hate to use cheaper yarns and not be fully satisfied. ALSO, it will be fun to try knitting with different types of yarn to see how things feel and knit up. I should add these to my beach vacation many projects, so little time...

Tuesday, June 9

version 5 want to make list: Beach Version!

Thank you for the Dr. Peen love! I actually really enjoyed making him because it was my first time using double pointed needles. It was nice to learn on a little project like that.

We are taking a little beach vacation next week!! On our vacation, I am hoping to plant myself in the sand and crochet and knit myself into happiness. I think crochet and knitting would be the best vacation projects. I doubt I will start on all of these but just maybe... Thinking of all the crafting you can do while on vacation is kinda like grocery shopping when you are hungry.

buttony sweater
I already started on the buttony sweater last week or the week before? I put the sleeves on scrap yarn so just working my way down the waist now. I am using cascade eco yarn, the same yarn I saved from my attempt at trying to rewrite the shalom cardigan pattern (which I do still want to make). I have been pretty pooped at night so I haven't moved along in this project as fast as I envisioned but I am having fun and heck maybe I will be done by the time our vacation starts?!


baby blanket (deciding on pattern, thinking something with stripes) wip
baby cardigan done!
baby hats (I have made another since the red one and still love this pattern) done!


buttony sweater wip

mustard scarf (on ralvery) done!
ribbed baby jacket

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Saturday, June 6

please don't think I'm wierd

please, I beg you. First, let me show you two harmless, non-weird projects.

Some friends of ours are moving. so sad. To send them off, some dress-up aprons for their girl, my girl's BFF. again, so sad they are moving.
child's apron

Ear warmers for Kat to wear with her bike helmet. pattern here.
bike helmet earmuffs

So far totally normal gifts, right? Brace yourself for Dr. Peen...

mr. peen

HA! Yes, that is what you think it is!! Isn't he so cute? Don't you want to just hug him? Please, don't think I am weird for knitting the cutest little guy ever and then giving it to someone as a gift. Our friend, Eric, is a urologist...get it?? and they are moving to a very cold place hence Dr. Peen's warm attire. Dr. Peen's pattern here.

We picked more strawberries today! whoot whoot!!

Monday, June 1

it's that time again!

May 557

Strawberry freezer jam

Strawberry Freezer Jam time!! We picked 10 pounds of the sweetest strawberries this weekend. I used most of them for freezer jam, that stuff is so amazing. I just used the recipe found in the box of pectin. We are going back next weekend for more. neeeedd moooorre strawberries, we are like zombies! I hope your weekend was good too!

May 565