Monday, June 15


I am so PUMPED! Gregg and I were talking about Christmas plans, the fact that we will have our first Christmas on our own. Immediately, I thought stockings, we need stockings (of course we need them RIGHT NOW). Gregg and I have some very special stockings from our childhood that have good memories. However, I wanted to have stockings that would be special for our kids too and I wanted our families stockings to be the same but not matchy. In comes, knitted stockings! I got two books from the library and we all sat together picking what we each wanted.

a felted rainbow stocking, pattern from Christmas Stockings and using Noro Kureyon #253. I actually started this one while waiting to get to the store for a smaller needle for my sweater. The color changes are really fun!
christmas stocking plan

stripey stocking, pattern from Holiday Knits, using berroco ultra alpaca light in cardinal, turquoise mix, and winter white
christmas stocking plan

a version (modifying the top of the stocking) of the traditional stocking from Holiday Knits, using malabrigo chunky in lettuce and natural
christmas stocking plan

I so SPLURGED on the yarns for this. I want these stockings to be with us for a long time and would hate to use cheaper yarns and not be fully satisfied. ALSO, it will be fun to try knitting with different types of yarn to see how things feel and knit up. I should add these to my beach vacation many projects, so little time...


Bryan said...
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Shorty said...

Sorry about the delete... I'm on my hubby's computer and my post showed up with his name. I knew he wouldn't appreciate that.

So, as I was saying...the stockings look like so much fun! I can't wait to see them hanging up waiting for Santa!

Philigry said...

those are the cutest stockings ever! the middle is my favorite. can't wait to see them all together!

Stephanie said...

So. I'm having a hard time with this post.
Christmas stockings already??!?!
It's true. I'm just jealous.
So I thought in order to make me feel better about this post I could put my order in (there are only 7 of us)..
Let me know ;)