Friday, June 26

vacation projects

I wish I could say I have been at the beach since my last post...
June 340

sadly, no, we left our cozy hotel on the bay last weekend (we went to Dewey Beach, DE, near Rehoboth Beach, if you are near, you should go!! really nice little beach town). It has just taken me all week to weave in pesky little ends and sew on buttons to be able to share my vacation projects. Gregg's parents (p.s. I really hate calling them in-laws, I feel like in-laws have a bad name and I just love Gregg's family) are coming for a visit tonight! but that means I needed to clean up our spare bedroom and my crafting dumping grounds. So last night I put down Lilly's stocking and weaved in ends. Of course today was not a bright morning for pictures.

crocheted baby cardigan:
boyish (red heart in brown and lionbrand pound of love in denim)
crochet baby sweater

summery girlish (lionbrand cotton ease in lime)
crochet baby sweater

knitted mustard scarf (on ravelry) (cascade 220 in dark gold heather) I just need a button for this, maybe a nice wooden one. I think it will make a nice birthday gift.
baby hats and knitted scarf
baby hats. (caron simply soft in off-white) seriously love this pattern.

I also worked on a baby blanket but I think I made it too long so I will rip it out and start over.

I ended up not starting the knitted ribbed baby jacket. I completely messed up on the needles I brought. I got confused on the mm of the needle vs the needle number. dang it!

I have decided that I have way too many WIPs or the supplies for new projects just sitting and waiting. I am hoping to donate the month of July to finishing all things that are in progress. I will NOT buy any new supplies. I will ONLY use my crafty budget to finish these projects. Maybe I should go to the chalkboard and write this 100 times?

I hope you have a fun and relaxing weekend planned!


nicole said...

love the bay photo - you should frame it.

all the baby cardis and stuff are so cute...i WANT to craft!!!

Adrienne said...

Oh such goodies. Love the baby boy sweater. I just finished one - well sorta - I cannot for the life of me get the arms right. They end up looking like they could fit an elephant and not a baby. arg.

rose said...

love your blog. the sweaters are tooo cute!
btw......i heard someone call her husbands parents "the out-laws" so in-laws isn't really a bad name.

Stephanie said...

LOVE that lime sweater.. I am a size: small ;)

clintandleximorgan said...

Oh my gosh...what a talented friend!

Rima said...

Your little shirts are so cute! Nice colors too...

UK lass in US said...

How cute.

I have way too many WIPs or the supplies, too. I keep getting distracted by new quick and easy projects. Maybe I'll get to catch up a bit when we go camping.

Shorty said...

I love the cardigans! So cute! I know what you mean about having too many wip's going on. What can we crafty girls do, tho?