Tuesday, June 9

version 5 want to make list: Beach Version!

Thank you for the Dr. Peen love! I actually really enjoyed making him because it was my first time using double pointed needles. It was nice to learn on a little project like that.

We are taking a little beach vacation next week!! On our vacation, I am hoping to plant myself in the sand and crochet and knit myself into happiness. I think crochet and knitting would be the best vacation projects. I doubt I will start on all of these but just maybe... Thinking of all the crafting you can do while on vacation is kinda like grocery shopping when you are hungry.

buttony sweater
I already started on the buttony sweater last week or the week before? I put the sleeves on scrap yarn so just working my way down the waist now. I am using cascade eco yarn, the same yarn I saved from my attempt at trying to rewrite the shalom cardigan pattern (which I do still want to make). I have been pretty pooped at night so I haven't moved along in this project as fast as I envisioned but I am having fun and heck maybe I will be done by the time our vacation starts?!


baby blanket (deciding on pattern, thinking something with stripes) wip
baby cardigan done!
baby hats (I have made another since the red one and still love this pattern) done!


buttony sweater wip

mustard scarf (on ralvery) done!
ribbed baby jacket

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UK lass in US said...

Enjoy your vacation. That yarn looks so great. I've almost built up the courage to attempt knitting something for myself... probably...

(I want one of those ribbed baby jackets in my size).