Tuesday, May 26

ups and downs

with the craft projects that is. But when do all craft projects turn out the way you had envisioned? they all can't be winners now can they? (anyone know that movie??)

lace cardi sweater: finished! bought the buttons but the collar is strange. I feel like Queen Elizabeth. For some reason there is just too much collar and it gathers in ruffles on my neck. I have no idea what happened. I followed the pattern exactly but it sure doesn't look like the model's. I think what I will do is rip out maybe 60-75% of the collar. I think it will lay flat and be a pretty rockin' cardi still. I am still thinking before I rip though, way too warm for a wool cardi anyways, so I have some time.
lace panel cardi

lace panel cardi

shalom sweater: I started working on this last week. But I wanted to modify the pattern so that it would close all the way down instead of just the top. BIG mistake. I forgot that I have no idea what I am doing. So the modifications did not work out. I will have to rip the whole thing out (sadly, I got a lot farther than the picture below shows, somehow I kept thinking it would all work out). I am not sure if I will try this sweater again or just find a pattern that I don't have to modify. There must be one out there!! I really like this yarn though, Cascade Eco yarn, look how big this ball is!! It is bigger than my girl's head!
big ball of yarn

Friendship star pillow: done! and squishy
frienship star pillow

Summer blouse from Weekend Sewing: I bought special fabric for this, 1 1/2 yards just like the pattern called for, so not enough!! I went to cut out the blouse on Saturday and discovered this sad fact. So now I have this pretty fabric and no blouse. plus I am annoyed. I checked the errata for this pattern and it said nothing about the fabric yardage, so I am not sure if mine shrunk more than other fabrics...

Mendocino Sundress:!! love this. I wore it yesterday. so awesome and comfy. I did have to take in the sides a bit to get the bust to fit. It is not tight by any means. I think next time I will do the elastic shirring before sewing up the last side seam like Heather Ross has for the small version of the sun dress in her book and on Martha's website. but still it is wonderful!

menocino sundress


nicole said...

OMG the dress. i SO want to make one, but i'm pretty sure it will never happen. i heart it soo much! the sweater looks great...i think pulling out the collar a bit will work perfectly. i think i will be living through you for my crafting for a bit, sad!!

Kristin9204 said...

My dress is nice and snug and fits me perfect! Yours turned out really cute, I love mine too! Why is yours not very tight? I bought some sparkely butterfly fabric to make Charli a dress from your list, the sunny day dress pattern! After Green Baby Expo I will be tackling that dress for her.

Shorty said...

Wow! I'm impressed with all of your recent projects! Love the dress and the sweater! And that pop coin quilt...beautiful colors and quilting!