Monday, May 18

doing the running man

man, I have been quiet?! My sweater has taken a little time but I am happy to say that it is finished (sans buttons) and is blocking again right now! I think I LOVE it! I might wear it everyday. *running man performed here*

coin quilt backing

The coin quilt is stippled! The binding is half done, I just have to hand sew the other half to the backing. When my mom was here, she showed me how to do mitered corners. I would have never figured out how to fold the fabric and sew to have that nice corner. Sewing and then flipping it over to hand sew really stumped me, so I would have normally done 4 separate binding pieces. Thanks Mom!

swimsuit coverup
Remember, I said that I had a great sheet from goodwill that would look good as a summer blouse. umm, not so much. When I looked back at the sheet, I knew it wouldn't look good as a blouse (and my husband said I would look like a really old lady) so I added some length and shortened the sleeves to make a bathing suit cover up. It was either that or pj's but my husband laughed at that suggestion. nice. I am looking forward to making the blouse in my pretty fabric, hopefully this week!
swimsuit coverup
(I should have ironed it again)

Oh one more thing, is it just me or does every recipe in the latest issue of Martha look AMAZING?! We made the blueberry scones, AMAZING! I am getting so pumped for berry season and apricot, well and peach, oooh and apple seasons too!


Tutta la Storia said...

I actually really like the shirt, and I could see myself wearing it in my garden! My Dad gave me my Mom's old Kenmore sewing machine , a vintage one from the late 60's, I have to find a manual for it, but then I will be off and running! "Sew" much of what you do inspires me!

nicole said...

good work!! i love all the recipes too. we'll see if i ever get to making any of them. i think its perfect as a cover up.

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

OOOH - I love summer fruit.

Kristin9204 said...

husbands don't know what they are talking about. Cute shirt and what a great way to reuse an old sheet.

jenni said...

thank you!!