Thursday, May 7

pretty little maids Wall Hanging!

pretty little maids wall hanging

As I said before, my mom and I just didn't like the pretty little maids in a quilt. The maids would be hidden by the quilt blocks. So we came up with this wall hanging instead. We both really love it! The maids stand out and take the show, as they should. Thanks Mom!!

pretty little maids wall hanging

pretty little maids wall hanging

I haven't decided where it will hang, I am leaning towards my craft/guest room, but I just won't see it enough in there. I don't craft in there (no tv or internet?? heck no, I can't hang in there!), that room just houses all my loot.

my girl practicing her colors.
pretty little maids wall hanging


Katie May said...

Oh my goodness!! That is SO cute! Good job! I'm sure it's great to see all that work paying off. (and I hear you about crafting where there's TV and entertainment!)

Casey said...

It looks really good!

The Hulls said...

That is so cute Jenni!!! Good job!

Shorty said...

Very pretty! So glad you found the perfect project to display the pretty little maids.

RosaMarĂ­a said...

very very cute!!!!

handysandy said...

Hi, looking for crochet patterns I found your blog and I like your craft-work! Especially the bomboy love sweater is cute, it's a pitty my daugther is already 18 ... I like to crochet myself as you can see on my weblog;
(crochet = haken) but I also have pictures:) Regards from Holland, Sandra