Tuesday, May 12

momma's day

I had myself a great little momma's day. My girl and I spent part of the morning playing and taking pictures at the Hershey Gardens. Then the husband and my girl took me to the book store where I got to pick out any craft book I wanted!!! WHOA! big decision! I took home Weekend Sewing. This book is even better than I imagined. The projects are unique, some look easy and some more challenging, the pictures are gorgeous, and I want to start sewing something NOW! The patterns are also included in the book and not the kind where you have to enlarge and piece together (I feel cheated when that happens), these are full on patterns. I did order some tracing paper as Heather Ross suggests to keep the original patterns intact though.
weekend sewing

Now I have to decide what to make first! The yard sale skirt and the summer blouse are waaaay up there. I have some sheets that would be great fabric for both. I also treated myself to a pretty Amy Butler print for a 2nd blouse, I know I will love this blouse so two will not be too many. Plus, I can practice with my cheap goodwill sheet and then feel confident cutting into the Amy Butler fabric.
weekend sewing

weekend sewing

I also love this tent idea. I got some fabric from my neighbor who is moving away (so sad) that will be perfect for a tent (not sad). I think my girl will think a tent is crazy fun. you know, kids and tents.
weekend sewing

Lastly, for momma's day I made a special meal of crab and corn chowder. ahhh heaven. This is a quick soup recipe from Rachel Ray. Did you know there is a whole website devoted to hating Rachel Ray??!! She is kinda annoying but seriously? The people who post things about her watch her shows just to rip her apart on the website. How can they spend all that time watching someone they hate? but I guess everyone has their own thing, I am sure other people think us crafters are crazy too. Anyway, my day was great! I hope you had a nice momma's day too!

PS! my lace panel cardi is in the blocking process right now! After which I add the big collar and the button band. A nice wool sweater perfect for summer! HA!


nicole said...

i NEED to get that book and i can't wait to see the cardigan!!!

Bethany Heckman said...

Don't want to be a downer, but we have friends whose daughter lost two permanent teeth running into a tent like this...