Monday, March 30

version 4 want to make list

I think I did a good job on the last list without getting distracted. Some of things on this list I am not sure will fit into the crafting budget but I really haven't thought how I will spend April's budget yet and it starts on Wednesday! niiice!

updated 6.1.09


crochet egg ornaments done!
fabric eggs


bombay love baby sweater done!


sedum sweater on ravelry
lace panel cardi done!
shalom cardigan pdf on the sidebar (I think will add sleeves) frogged


sunny day top done!
quilted wallet
cuddle pillow done!
vinyl baby bib
circular knitting needle holder done!
stacked coin quilt done!
fabric barn done
wrap skirt or peasant skirt
margaret sling bag or the hobo bag


pretty maids 1 of 5 left done!
quilt block for school done!
stitched cards
love heart and/or alphabet pillow love heart done!


fabric square frame
framed silhouettes wip, just need frames
fabric flowers for my table done!

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Kristin9204 said...

I hate you when you make these stinkin crafty lists!!!! Do you know what it does to me? I get so inspired and my brain gets going and I start thinking I can just whip up all this cute stuff and so need each and every item. So thanks a lot!!!! Oh the life we craftiez live.

Shorty said...

OMG! You have so many things featured here that I would love to make! And, I'm totally in love with your lists and how you actually say "done" when you can cross items off. Perhaps that's exactly what I need to do. I have too many projects sitting around and just keep starting new ones.