Thursday, March 5

this weeks happenings

Thank you for your kind comments about Lilly's kimono! I have not let her wear it to daycare. EEEEKK!! what would happen to it there??

I started embroidering this week for my pretty little maids quilt. I love this first maid. She is finished now but not quite in this picture. These maids are set 1 from Jenny B at Allsorts. She has a set 2 now too, so adorable. My husband's grandmother is amazing at needlepoint. Her needlepoint projects are just, well, amazing! Over Christmas she let me go through her embroidery thread stash and take a few things. I got some silk thread in green, brown, and terra cotta. I love those colors but didn't know what I was going to do with them until that fabric. How perfect!
pretty little maids all in a row quilt

I have been looking for a knitted sweater pattern for myself. A few have caught my eye but this one I LOVE. This is just the sort of sweater I want to wear However, this is the most difficult pattern I have thought about attempting and for such a nice and time consuming pattern I want to buy some good yarn. I picked some yarn out and it would wipe out an entire months crafting budget for this project. Which is fine but what if I mess up?? But I understand the directions of the pattern, could I do it or should I try something else first? But I love this sweater. I want to wear it right now. While I am wrestling that, have you seen this vest pattern?? Soulemama posted about it last week and I have been dreaming about it ever since. It is definately going on my next want to make list.

I tried a new crochet pattern for newborn hats. This pattern is great. I love the little detailing at edge, great for those little girls.
no blue project hats 3.3.09

I am really looking forward to my weekend. The husband has no work to do which means TONS of mommy bubble craft time!


Mel said...

OOOOO... I love that sweater! Can't wait to see yours. You will do a fantastic job, because everything else you do turns out just as awesome.

nicole said...

love the sweater too - you should try it - you are incredible at how fast you catch on and complete things. love your embroidery too... how did you transfer her? my least favorite part...

Shorty said...

Your embroidery looks so beautiful! And so does the baby cap...thanks for sharing your pattern. What kind of yarn did you use? I love how soft and silky yours turned out.

All the best as you tackle the sweater...or the debate on if to tackle the sweater. It's definitely a cute one, but I can understand your hesitation. I would be willing to bet, tho, that you'll do an awesome job!