Friday, March 13

pretty little maids

This week I haven't had too much new to share in the ways of crafting. I made a few slippers and nursing cover gifts but more importantly I have been embroidering. I have 4 of the 5 girls done. I might go back and fix things here and there. One mouth needs work and all the eyes are missing something, I need to play with them.
pretty little maids quilt

pretty little maids quilt

pretty little maids quilt

pretty little maids quilt

pretty little maids quilt

To be honest I am debating on the 5th girl, I am just not sure I am loving her as much as the other 4. Her hat doesn't seem to fit with the other girls. I was also getting a bit annoyed with embroidering, I need a little break. AND I have just the project! I am going to make myself a new purse with this pattern. I am going to use the yarn below and make a fabric lining. I am so excited to start this I can hardly stand it! I am hoping I make a big dent in this project this weekend because on Monday something big is happening. The mail should bring me a HUGE order for beaded socks. Like HUGE! 40 pairs! I am going to be up to my eyeballs in beads and buttons. I hope you have something planned for a wonderful weekend!

cable purse


nicole said...

super cute embroidery! i've been itching to stitch lately, but i'm just not nearly as fast as you at anything.

i heart that bag too - it looks hard - you'll have to tell me how it goes and then i may just have to have you teach me how to do it.

Kindershop said...

These embroideries are lovely. Very cute.

Amber said...

What a CUTE purse! I can't believe that someone can make something like that by hand. But I have no doubt that you will do it and it will look amazing. Definitely post pictures when you are done!

Kristin9204 said...

I love all your little maids. I can't wait to see them all done and in place! Good luck on your purse, I still haven't made my purse with my Joel Dewberry fabric yet. I am a bit intimidated, I have never ventured into the purse making department, and a get lost following patterns sometimes, I feel like they are in a differnt language at times.

Kathy said...

I'm looking forward to seeing how the knitted bag comes along - I've had it queued on Ravelry for a few months now!

clintandleximorgan said...

The embroidery is amazing! Just beautiful!

Rima said...

Your embroidery is just stunning! It is so lovely!