Sunday, March 22

belly vest and bunny

OH I am in LOVE! I have finished two of the cutest projects ever. Look at this little baby vest? could you just die? could you see a cute baby belly sticking out in this thing? I don't think I could handle that!
manly vest

manly vest

manly vest

Pattern: Pebble, Manly Cobblestone Vest
Yarn: Patons Shetland Chunky Tweeds, earthbrown

Lilly's bunny

Then, look at this bunny! I was very happy with how it turned out. It looks like a bunny! My girl was just all over me while I was sewing all the parts together. She could see it was an animal of sorts and she wanted it. The plan was to put this into her Easter basket. But c'mon, your child loves something that you made?! tell me you wouldn't give in either! She helped me pick the tail yarn. Not a surprise she went for her new favorite color, blue. When she went to sleep last night, I heard her whisper "nite nite" and then a big sloppy kiss. (heart melting)

Lilly's bunny

Pattern: Bella the Bunny
Yarn: Lionbrand Pound of Love

A whole other story is my purse. I finished the knitting but not sure I love it, it is huge! I think I would feel a little like Mary Poppins dragging this thing to work. Once I weave in ends and seam the bottom I will show you and get some feedback, I hope!


pam said...

LOve it love it both items !!!! and the tail ........ it is so precious as Lilly is also cant wait to see her cant wait for sloppy wet kisses and tons of hugs

Mel said...

Love the vest! And the bunny if very cute too.

nicole said...

i will never know where you find the time. NEVER. you must just be way more efficient than i am!

Allison said...

Oooh! I made a somewhat simpler version of a bunny a few years ago. I may be brave and try this one this year. Thanks for sharing!

The most popular said...

Ooh, that baby vest is just too sweet! I love it! And the bunny, just too cute not to snuggle!