Sunday, March 29

done and done

51 pairs of beaded socks
holy moly! 51 socks beaded, crocheted, labeled, and ready to ship tomorrow! Surprisingly, I am not as sick of beaded socks as I thought I would be when I finished. The store was really great and let me design whatever socks I wanted, I just had to keep specific colors and sizes in mind. I am anxious to hear how they sell in their store.

I got my purse finished up today. I don't think it is as big as I originally thought it was working up as, definately not Mary Poppins style. I am going to give the purse a whirl tomorrow, but I think I already like it!
butterfly cable purse
oops, I just realized I haven't sewn the buttons on, I can see the buttonholes from here.

I am sitting here sort of at a loss. I had a bunch of projects to work on and then that sock order. and now they are all done. I haven't been thinking ahead to my next project. I started and then stopped a few things tonight but you know what? It feels pretty good just sitting here talking to you. I hope you had a wonderful weekend! boo to Monday.


The Hulls said...

Jenni, I just think your amazing!!

nicole said...

i heart the purse. i need april to come so i can buy yarn!!!

Tutta la Storia said...

The socks are adorable. Your list is quite long--best of luck. You seem determined, so I am sure you can get through it! And yes, I heart the bag as well. :-)

jenni said...

thank you!

Tutta la Storia - Yes that list is long not sure I will do it all but it sure will be fun!