Thursday, March 26

lining and cookies

March 248

Thank you for suggesting Future Girl's lining tutorial. It looked really helpful but I decided not to go her route because I was concerned that my purse wasn't as a perfect square as her's was. I kinda just winged it on the cutting and I got a great tip from someone on Ralvery to use a gather stitch to get a perfect fit on the top which really was my main concern. I took a few photos to share what I did but it was late at night and that fluorescent lighting is not a friend of photos. If I can salvage them I do want to share because without the help on Ralvery, I would have never figured out to get a perfect fit for the lining, blogland was surprisingly quiet on that issue. I added a pocket and key holder to the lining as well. There is a tad too much fabric on the bottom but I am anxious to start using it and see if it is bothersome. I can always redo it.
March 247
ps. I really like that fabric.

All I need to do now is attach the handles which would take just a few minutes but my big beaded sock order came in this week and I am swamped with it! 51 pairs!!! That is a trunk load in my book. I am selling them to a children's store in Burley, Idaho! very exciting but a lot of work. I am almost half way done and would love to be able to finish this weekend but we shall see.

It was the husband's birthday yesterday. My friend Nicole made the cutest baby shower cookies and she shared all her recipes and how to's (totally unrelated: also check out this really cute baby room decor). This was perfect because the husband didn't want a cake so fun cookies were a must. I chose a camel cookie cutter because I think camels and my husband are hardcore. My icing techniques need some major work and really the cookies look like they would fit right in at a 4 year olds birthday (maybe it is the polkadots?). But he loved them and our girl enjoyed biting their heads off?! yikes! This was indeed a fun little project to try. Thanks Nicole!

March 253


nicole said...

thanks for the link love! the lining looks amazing! i need to get started on a knit bag!

Mel said...

I love the fabric as well. Very cute! And I think the icing looks awesome. Very yummy as well.

Tutta la Storia said...

That lining fabric is so delicious (as are the cookies, I am sure!)