Wednesday, April 1

Crochet Egg Ornaments

I wanted some fun egg ornaments to hang in our living room. These babies are doing the trick!

crochet egg

Crochet Egg Ornaments

Skill level: beginner
worsted weight (I used caron simply soft in blue mint, mango, watermelon)
Hook: Size I
Swatch Gauge: it doesn't matter for this pattern!

single crochet
half double crochet
HDC2tog: HDC 2 stitches together
SC2tog: SC 2 stitches together

Starting Chain: Chain 8 with yarn A.

Row 1: Work 1 HDC into 2nd CH from hook and in every CH across to last CH. CH 1, turn. (7 HDC)

Row 2: 2 HDC in first stitch. 1 HDC in each stitch until last stitch, 2 HDC in last stitch. CH 1 (9 HDC)

Row 3: HDC in each stitch across. CH 1. (9 HDC)

Row 4: HDC2tog, HDC in each stitch across to last stitch,HDC2tog, CH 1. (7 stitches)

switch to yarn B, leave yarn A attached. We will be able to hide this strand at the end.

Row 5: 1 HDC in each stitch across, CH 1. (7 HDC)

Row 6: HDC2tog, 1 HDC in each stitch across to last stitch, HDC2tog, CH 1. (5 stitches)

Switch to yarn A. Let yarn B hang down we will cut and secure it later.

Row 7-8: 1 HDC in each stitch across. CH 1 (5 HDC)

Row 9: HDC2tog, 1 HDC, HDC2tog. CH 1. (3 stitches)

Edging: SC around entire edge until you reach the 3 HDC from row 9 (took me ~26 sc). SC2tog twice. bind off, weave in ends.

Attach yarn color of choice in the center stitch at the top of egg. Chain 10. Attach chain back to center stitch. Secure. Tie loose ends together and cut tails. Hang and enjoy!

crochet eggs

I might try a zigzag pattern instead of a straight stripe in the 2nd color. Or it would be fun to do a single color egg then embroider an initial or make a slew of them and embroider one letter on each to make a word. After I made the first one, the other two flew by, so I think it would be an easy project. Let me know if you try it!


Adrienne said...

Oh goodie goodie jelly beans and eggs! I'm all over this! Thanks for the pattern.

Rima said...

How cute are those eggs! About the sweater, I used a yarn that was close the fiber specifications in the original design. Just dont use 100% wool--I heard the sweater becomes too heavy. I love the yarn I used...and I am still in love with the sweater. Cant wait to see how yours turns out!

annemarie said...

These are so cute - thanks for sharing.

Tutta la Storia said...

Oh these are wonderful! I haven't crocheted since I was a teenager--but I did pull out a hook and some yarn today because of your post. We'll see how it goes! said...

These are super cute, I'll be linking. I love how this adorable pattern resulted in Tutta busting out the hook-yay!

Cheryl said...

Hi there I linked to this post, I made these last year anad I shared tehm on my blog, yours are much prettier than mine, I ended up figuring out how to knit them based on your pattern.
I want to say Thank you for sharing your pattern - Cheryl