Tuesday, April 7

love projects

love heart!
love heart
I am in love with how the embroidered writing turned out. I am not in love with the shape of the heart. It is okay, I don't hate it but I don't love it. I put this up in our "love hallway". It has our wedding picture and some lovey dovey sayings. perfect fit.

bombay love sweater!
bombay love baby sweater
Do you crochet?? Make this sweater now! Super easy. I think it was 2 nights of crafting worth. Included in that is some serious debate over which buttons to sew on. I think one of these sweaters in white or cream would be perfect for a cute little dress. I think my girl needs one if I can size it up. hmmm.
bombay love baby sweater


jessica said...

So cute - you did it again. Your productivity scares me sometimes - How DO YOU DO IT??

nicole said...

im with jess. i seriously think you might be super human - do you have something to tell us??

i LOVE the love heart. i might need to copy that font.. did you draw the heart or trace it? i think it looks AWESOME!! i'm totally making one ASAP!

jenni said...

oh you ladies are sweet but I swear I am not a freak! maybe I need to put the crafts down but I never feel like doing anything else after Lilly goes to bed so I guess I can't.

Rima said...

That heart is just perfect. Not being perfect makes it really perfect.

Glad you liked the sweater. Yours came out so well!

Adrienne said...

I love that little sweater! So much that I've started working on one! I'm fairly new to crochet so if you figure out how to size it up I'd love to know ... I'm just getting past the dish cloth / scarf phase ;-)