Friday, April 17


First off, one of my good friends is an amazing cook. As her roommate and friend I was lucky to get many meals cooked by her. She recently started her own cooking blog, Cook it, Eat it, Blog it. Isn't that a cute name? Go check her out she has all kind of fun recipes to share.

April 206
Still knitting away here. I am making pretty good progress. The back is finished and one front side. Another front, two sleeves, and the neck. The lace pattern is not difficult at all! Much easier than another lace pattern I tried for a scarf. I do have one mistake but I don't think it is that noticeable, so I decided to not try and fix it. I find it is very hard to rip out knitted stitches, I never know which way to the put the stitch back on the hook, I usually end up twisting it the wrong way.
April 200

I am off to a conference for work this weekend and into next week. I like to think of work conferences as a mini vacation for me. I will miss my family like crazy but thinking positively makes leaving them much easier to deal with. SO the big question!! What should I bring to work on?? A whole plane ride to do what I want (no holding my breath that my daughter will not scream or poop!!!)?? I will bring my knitting so if I find some spare time in the hotel I have something to work on. But I am hesitate to try to bring the needles on the plane with me. I have heard mixed opinions on if it is safe to bring needles on the plane. Bamboo is better? Do you have any experience? I have never had a problem with crochet hooks so I think I will definitely consider starting a new crochet project. hmmm. any advice or suggestions is greatly appreciated!


Holly and Everest said...

I've never had trouble with needles on airplanes, even when security was at its highest. I've taken bamboo, plastic, metal. You could always all the airline to double check if you still felt uneasy, then you would know for sure.

Holly and Everest said...

typo...I meant call the airline.

Deanne said...

Thanks Nen. :)

I hope you enjoy your conference. I used to love traveling for work but missed the fam like crazy. And traveling is so much easier with no kids!

nicole said...

been without internet since yesterday - i feel like you are one of the only people who would understand how hard it has been!!

anyway. i SO wish i were going to be down there with you guys so we could knit together. anyhoo- the cardi looks amazing - i'm loving how that yarn looks knitted up. have fun.

oh.. and i had no problem at all with the needles on the plane - but i did bring bamboo. they didn't look at them twice though. i brought a self addressed envelope so that if they took them away i could still have them back. ANYWAY this is probably all for naught cuz I'm sure you left already. have fun!