Wednesday, April 8

egg cards

A quick Happy Easter card that my girl and I did. She created the art and I did the cards. This is a good way to use some of that artwork that accumulates.

  • artwork (She was very into watercolor painting this weekend which made for pretty eggs. She also dumped the cup of water onto the paper that she colored with marker, pretty effect too.)
  • egg template (I used an egg shape cookie cutter)
  • scissors
  • adhesive (I used double sided tape)
  • card stock

:: Trace and cut eggs from the artwork.
egg cards

egg cards

:: Cut card stock to fit egg. Add decorative edge if desired.
egg cards

:: I ended up just sending the cards like this with writing our message on the back of the cardstock instead of taping the cardstock to a folding card.
egg cards

egg cards

quick and easy! (can you see the quilt top sitting there? I need to get on that)


jenelisebeth said...

So cute!

Casey said...

sweet looking cards :)

pam said...

can't wait until we get ours!!!!!

Shorty said...

I love those! I was wanting to make my own Easter cards this week but am running out of time with all my other projects going on. These look like they just might fit into my schedule, tho. Thanks for the idea! said...

Oh what a great idea, I love this! Thanks so much, I'll be linking.

Tutta la Storia said...

We did these and they came out GREAT!

Jenn said...

Love this idea. I'll be using it a lot for the holidays from now on. It's such a great way to display tot artwork! I’ve got a MckLinky party called Tot Tuesdays which started last Tuesday. I hope you'll stop by & share some of your tot friendly ideas:


urbancraft said...

thank you for saving me for easter cards this year!