Tuesday, December 1

Happy Advent Day!!

Christmas Advent Calendar

I am so excited to start the advent calendar today! Last fall my big project was this advent calendar. I am still really happy with how it turned out and Lills is going to be even more into it as compared to last year. She might even get that we only do one ornament a day, last year I remember she wanted to keep putting one up after the other. If I have time I would like to put up a border around the whole thing and redo one or two ornaments but I have so much other things I want to do I will probably never do those things (such as life with a craft addiction).
Felt Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

I feel a little bad that I ripped on my ornament wreath the other day. I got so many nice compliments on it. I felt I should expand on why I don't love it. Basically, the tutorial called for 80 ornaments, I only had 40. So I needed to make my wire hanger circle smaller which was super hard to do. I couldn't get the wire hanger to close tight enough, in comes Gregg with muscles. He got it closed but also broke two ornaments off. I didn't want either of us to try to get it to close tighter, in case of more broken ornaments, so there is a silly looking gap at the top. Also because the circle is smaller, the hanger is off to one side (looks like a decoration from whoville). If I could make a good, big, proper bow the gap wouldn't be a big deal but my bow making skills are so sad. I can just do a regular bow so I did that and wrapped ribbon to hide the hanger. And since the hanger is off to the side I hung it up just under the bow. I do love the actual wreath just not what I did to the top. Anywho, this is a great project and for those of you who loved it, you should really make one. It is super simple aside from my problems. And like I said Lilly loved helping me with it, so it is kid friendly too.
ornament ball wreath
(those two blue ornaments are killing me, Lilly wanted it like that...kid, ever heard of symmetry?)

ornament ball wreath

Happy Advent Day!


Anonymous said...

Love the wreath! aren't kids great! It's kinda like when they dress themselves and you think it looks awful but you want to be positive and foster their independance so you encourage them to show you another outfit but they're dead set on what they're wearing :)
Great advent calendar too!

Stephanie said...

i think the blue balls make it tres chic.. and YES i did say blue balls, but how else would you put that?!
that lily has got style :D

Rima said...

Have I already mentioned how great that wreath is!

Shorty said...

I can't believe it's been a whole year since you posted about making this and it inspired me to make my own for THIS Christmas. Did I ever get started? Nope! I can't believe the year flew by so quickly! I think I might be able to get an Advent Calendar us, but it won't be a complete one. Oh well... I'll work harder at finishing it this year! : )