Tuesday, November 25

Now it can be December 1st.

My advent is finished! I hung it up and filled it with ornaments. I was admiring it when my husband came in and said I think it needs a border! HA! How rude! (as Stephanie Tanner might say). But I do agree. Maybe next year.

I first posted details about the advent here but had a few steps left.

I attached the numbers with a spray adhesive. My daughter promptly starting to pull them off. So I embroidered a running stitch into the the middle of each number. I like this much better then plain.

I sewed on 25 buttons to hang each ornament up with embroidery floss.

I just really like it!


nicole said...

good work!

Shorty said...

I love your idea!!! I've been dying for an Advent calendar but haven't ever found one that I really like. I may have to try to make one! I better get busy!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

Kristin9204 said...

love love love the advent calendar!!!! I am finishing up mine today and then I will take some pics and post them on my blog!

Laurel MacD said...

Love it - your kids will love it for years. I also love that it doesn't involve them getting more stuff or eating more sugar.

jenni said...

Thank you! My daughter has been loving it! Every night she reaches in to the pocket and we help her pick out a button to hang it. She smiles from ear to ear!