Monday, November 10

my Christmas cards?

Craftypod posted about these cards in the new Craft magazine. (I think I need to subscribe.) I have a few ideas for stitching Christmas cards but this. THIS, is fabulous! and less time to stitch because of the various mediums. hmmm. I think I shall try a few of my ideas and see what best represents my little family.

I have so many projects to show you it is just a matter of sitting down to organize them and show you. Taking clear, natural pictures has been a challenge with the time change and winter darkness. I almost have one foot out the door to purchase a new lens for my camera. Hope your weekend was full of completing projects! I came down with a nasty cold and can only stare at the TV. My daughter even took a 3 hour nap yesterday, absolutely unheard of for her, and I did not do one piece of crafting. On Saturday night however, I finished my Christmas advent!! I love it, pictures to come soon.

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nicole said...

very cute!

did i tell you i made, finished, and addressed all of our christmas cards by the end of october?

very proud of myself!