Tuesday, November 11

my super Saturday fall wreath

Have you heard of Super Saturday? I started to see crafty blogs all a buzz about ideas for Super Saturday. What is Super Saturday, I thought? A day full of crafts? Where do I sign up? Well lucky me, my neighbor invited me to her church where a Super Saturday was held! Apparently, Super Saturday is an annual day put on by their church. I signed up to make two crafts. One I am sharing with you today, a fall wreath.

Isn't it great?

I have never made a wreath like this before and honestly it wasn't high up on my to do list. But to have all the supplies and someone to show you how seemed like a good time to learn. The sign had a layer of background paint, then painted the Welcome, then used a crackle paint system. Finally a stain. (see a lot of work to get all the supplies for this).

Then the rest was decorating with spanish moss, raffia, flowers, leaves, and greenery. and using a lot of hot glue. a lot.

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Amber, TJ, and Kate said...

Yay for Super Saturday! I'm all for having the supplies all provided - it makes crafting so much cheaper and fun! Glad you could come.