Saturday, November 1

Table Top Ironing Pad Tutorial

I made my mom one of these ironing table top pads 10 or so years ago. I saw the idea on Martha Stewart's show. It seems so convenient you don't have to drag out your ironing board each day. My daughter would likely pull down the iron on herself too, so I could only do a project that required ironing when she was asleep. I kept thinking of my mom's ironing pad and how I wanted one too. I searched for awhile on the internet and looking for her tutorial. I couldn't find it so this is from what I remember making.

I need to say upfront I am not happy with the pictures. I am still learning to use my camera but I really need a new lens that will take much brighter pictures in my dimly lit apartment.

Supplies: Therma-flec heat resistant fabric (I got mine at Jo-anns but that was 10 years ago), batting, any old fabric for the bottom layer
This is the batting that I used. I think you can get the stuff used for pot holders though.

I cut each of the fabrics into 18x20. This is just the amount of therma flec I had and it seemed like a good size to me.

Pin all around and be sure to leave a marked space that you will not sew.

Sew with a good ol straight stitch. I used less then 1/2 inch seam allowance.

I then cut the seam allowance off.

Except for my opening. I thought it would be easier in the end to have more seam allowance length here.

Turn out through opening and point out corners.

Cut the batting into a square that will fit inside the fabric. Stuff with the batting. I first used 3 squares or layers of batting but it seems too bulky. I ended up with 2 layers but wonder if 1 would be more then enough.

Flatten out. The corners of the batting were hard to lay down but it will be nice and flat.

Now the opening needs to be stitched up.

First though, I ironed the edges.
Turn the salvage at the opening to match with the sewn edges. Top stitch all around to keep batting in place and close opening.

Just set yourself up on a table top or in my case I use the top of the washing machine. Great for those small projects. As always, thanks Martha! (at least I think this is what she did!)


The Giggles Family said...

Thanks for the tutorial... I may try to make one soon.
I was wondering, once stuffed,... you ironed the open section then sewed around the entire edge again?
Is that have an exposed stitch all the way around?
I have wanted to make some stuffed pieces in the past and have never known how to finish the stuffing opening.

jenni said...

Yep, the top stitch gives it a nice overall finish. and sews up the opening at the same time. You don't have to do a top stitch, do a hidden stitch by hand to close just the opening. I found a good tutorial here:

really good for stuffies and softies!