Saturday, November 15

Project Linus: Check!

My Project Linus blanket is done! I am very happy that I decided to do Project Linus for Christmas this year and it was my first finished Christmas gift. I am almost happy with how it turned out. I decided to add a layer of batting mostly so I could use my new quilting walking foot. I didn't pin the quilt enough so I got 3 tucks of fabric sewn into the quilt seam. I tried to rip out the stitch but because of the type of fabric and all that batting I couldn't get the seam ripped out without ruining the fabric. So I left them. It really bothers me, those tucks. Also my blanket is a little smaller then what my local chapter of Project Linus say they want. So I hope to make another blanket that is better and give them both.

But this one is still good. It is soft and warm. The top fabric is that soft minky fabric.

The backing and the binding is a polka-dot flannel. Very soft too.Nothing fancy for the quilting. I just stitched in the ditch, both good for the kind of fabric I used and for learning the ways of the walking foot.

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