Thursday, October 16

Project Linus for Christmas

From Lilly's Quilt

From Team Awesome

I think you know my mom makes some beautiful quilts. She just loves sewing and making people happy. I think everyone in our family has at least 2, although my sister and I get quite spoiled with just a few more. My mom also loves to make quilts for donation to her local Hospice Chapter. The quilts fetch hundreds (the last quilt went for $450!) at the Hospice Annual Auction. She also has donated to the Linus Project and to needy kids in Africa. I am telling you she has a very giving heart. On a side note, I think I need to get my dad this book. Quilters are crazy about their craft ;)
From Bean Pages

I saw a challenge on the blog 30 days where she wanted to motivate her readers to donate at least one handmade blanket to the Linus Project for Christmas this year. I LOVE this! Gregg and I usually do a giving tree gift for one or two children during the holiday season. But this year I think I will focus on blankets for the Linus Project. I just bought tons of this super soft fabric to make some blankets in the future for friends babies. This stuff will be perfect.

My local Linus Project Chapter Cumberland-Dauphin County. The ladies running this chapter sure have it together. They have a very informative website and meet TWICE a month working together to make quilts and sort donations. They even have an annual Make a Blanket Day to increase their supply. I so wish I had Thursdays off to join them. But I can make blankets myself and let them pick a sweet child to give it too.

Does anyone want to do this too?? Of course my mom is. All the chapters are on located on the National Linus Project website with contact information. Plus after further reading the 30 days post, if you donate a blanket you could win a prize.


Kristin9204 said...

Do you think I could donate a Softi or a Taggi blanket? Do they have a minimum size requirement?

jenni said...

I think they prefer a larger blanket, my local chapter had a long list of suggestions.

HDMac said...

That is a very great project!