Friday, October 17

week in Crafts

(see Lilly had a great week of crafts!)

I am keeping all the crafty posts on the simplebeans blog. I started this second blog in hopes that it would drive traffic to the Etsy shop. I really believe it has! I had another week of sales! I thought that by keeping regular posts up over there it would help my shop too. But then I don't get to share all our activities with you as I am sure most of you really just want to see what Lilly is up too ;) Maybe once a week or so I will share our crafts, but leave all the details of each craft on Simplebeans.

My mom and I are going to make and donate blankets to Project Linus for Christmas. Mine will be a simple soft blanket, not like one of my mom's quilts.

Lilly and I made paper pumpkins. (She was very into organizing the paper clips.)

I made Lilly a new stuffie, Dolly! I am very happy to report Lilly loves her. She has been added to the bedroom buddy club and if she could would take her to school with Monster. She helped me make her (i.e. hiding her arms and legs before they were attached) and she sat with me at the sewing machine (i.e. making me rethread the needle several times). So I thought maybe she would be keen on her.

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