Tuesday, October 21

My mom's birthday present

I am so happy to share with you my mom's birthday present. As I am sure you know by now my mom is the reason I like homemade things. When I saw this pattern for a gratuity wrap (download pdf here), I thought of her. My note cards to put inside were much bigger then what the pattern had so from there I ended up changing the pattern. I changed it as I went so this was just what worked for me.

Instead of encasing all the edges with bias tape I sewed right sides together, flipped it out, and then top stitched around. I was going to use bias tape for a tie close like the pattern but I ended up adding a fabric covered button for fun so I used this with some ribbon as the closure too.
I added some embroidery to the front.

I only used two pockets for note cards and an address book, these were much bigger then the original pattern so I didn't want to make the whole wrap too big so I deleted the 3rd pocket. (I really thought I did a better job ironing, HA!)

Of course I stitched some cards for her. I used this pattern.
They are happy flowers that remind me of her.

I called my mom to ask what size address book she had. She had all sorts of questions about what I was up to. She eventually said she needed a new one. After searching for awhile on the internet and on Etsy, I found the perfect one at Wal-mart.com. They had all sorts of options for pictures and the details of the book.

All wrapped up!


nicole said...

love it! i am planning on making at least one for xmas gifts - i didnt even think to add embroidery, but i did have the same card patterns printed... if only i could stop analyzing windaq files for G i coudl start crafting!

Laurel MacD said...

It was my mom's birthday yesterday and I told her something was coming, if I could just figure out what that something was - this is awesome. I hope your mom loves it.