Tuesday, October 7

a tutu and posters

I wanted to make Lilly a tutu for dress up play and then we decided it would be a good halloween costume too. ballerina or maybe a pink fairy? As I was making it, I kept telling myself it was okay if she didn't like it and in a few months or next year she will. This also doesn't have to be her costume this year. In the morning, I showed Lilly the tutu. She investigated immediately. I showed her how to wear it on me and then asked if she wanted to wear it. She nodded her head and picked up her foot to place inside. Then trouble hit. There was so much tulle she got really annoyed with me trying to get the tutu on. She fell over and crawled away! Later I forced it on her and took a picture of a cute tutu with an unhappy girl inside. She did like throwing it around and putting her face in the middle of the tutu though.

Look how well my posters turned out! I love how they printed up and Lilly seemed to enjoy them too ;)


Kristin9204 said...

So did you tie the tulle or sew it? It looks like you put ribbon around the waist of the tutu?

jenni said...

Hi Kristin, I put all the details on the simplebeans blog. But yes it is just tied around elastic and I wrapped the ribbon after.