Friday, October 10

a star

Lilly is able to fit into all those shirts I appliquéd back in June. When she looks like this, it is hard not to like her.
I did these for her the other night with some shirts my mom got her for a dollar each! Thanks mom!


Mel said...

I love those shirts! I was going to call you the other day and help me do some stuff to a shirt for Liv, for halloween, and put a ladybug on it, but I ended up finding a cute iron-on one that I am just going to use. But yours are FOR sure much cuter! :)

The Gambles said...

I LOVE all of your crafts and posts...they give me super good ideas! And Lilly is so darn cute! Hey do you just cut out fabric and then sew with a zigzag pattern for those shirts?

jenni said...

Thanks ladies! I take a piece of fabric and iron it to Heat&Bond or Wunderunder. Then I cut out my shape. Peel off the other side of Heat&Bond and iron the shape onto the shirt. A zigzag stitch will do or any decorative stitch you like. My machine is so wonderful but old so I don't have many stitch options but the zigzag stitch for this but I try to make it tighter like a satin stitch.