Wednesday, November 19

my new hat

My first crocheted hat. I used a pattern from the Purl Bee. They have such pretty things there. This hat was very quick to work up. I had a rough start simply because this yarn was hard for me to see where my stitches were. But after I just started over completely, it took less than two hours. I didn't block my hat like the purl bee suggested. I really don't know what that is and think my hat looks okay as is. In fact, I really like it. Except when it is windy, windy, bitter cold, = not so warm (snow flurries yesterday here!). I must make a new hat without the pretty pattern. I have one pattern in mind and am pretty excited about it. Well, I just really like crocheting.

I was thinking in looking at these pictures that my hat is kinda dorky. Then I realized it is just me!

1 comment:

Kristin9204 said...

Love it...Love it...Love it. It doesn't look dorky at all.