Friday, December 18

friendly knits

I had two friends ask me recently to knit them each an item. They were both looking to buy something and then thought of asking me instead. Isn't that nice? I was really touched that they would think of and trust me. I had a great time knitting their requests, especially because I got to try out some new fun yarn!

Request #1:
toddler hat
Kristina asked me knit her son a hat. She saw the ones I was obsessed with recently and asked for one like that. I ended up not using that hat pattern because I had such a hard time making the hat big enough in the first place and Kristina said her son's head was a BIG one. So I went with the large adult size hat in Last Minute Knitted gifts, Kim's hats (rav link). I made it with just as many stitches cast on but just knit it an inch or two short of the adult length because well he has a big head and my yarn was worsted instead of aran or bulky. It fits him!
toddler hat

yarn: berroco comfort

Request #2:
Kristin asked me to knit her a cowl/neck warmer (btw, she makes gorgeous baby stuff and well just about everything really, she just expanded her line, go see!). She wanted something that she could keep on all day and not get in her way. Kristin and I have very similar tastes when it comes to colors so the yarn was pretty easy to pick out and oh man this stuff is so soft and luscious. I loved knitting with it (and taking the pictures). I modified this pattern to account for my bulky yarn choice (see rav for mods). All this needs is a button. Kristin is going to go button shopping(!) and decide where she wants to place it.
Kristin's cowl
Kristin's cowl

Pattern: Dear
Yarn: alpaca with a twist big baby

Knitting this for Kristin made me realize I need to make myself a cowl that is super warm. My scarf just isn't cutting it most days. That wind chill can find its way right down to my neck. I have some left over malabrigo chunky yarn from my stocking and I do love that green.

Thanks for the requests ladies!

Don't worry I did both of these projects in the past few weeks so currently I am working away in Santa's workshop. The big man is pleased with my progress!


Kristin Finch said...

I can't wait to get my cowl in the mail! Thank you so much! I am actually going to try to bust out some of your eye glass holders today, for Christmas gifts. I will let you know how it goes!

Dani said...

I crochet hats just like that...they are my go-to baby gift of the moment. And my friends all seem to be droppin' babies these days.

I need to make a cowl as well. I am obsessed with scarves in the winter. I wear one just about every day. But as a kindergarten teacher, they do get in the way when helping the kiddies with crafts, etc.

Love your camera strap. I loaded up on that exact same fabric. I probably have 3 yards of it stashed.

Stephanie said...

And rightly so.. Santa obviously has got a gold mine with you!
Love the cowl, I could use a few of those myself. Too bad it isn't crocheted so you could send me a pattern to that one. Love it.

Alli said...

Really nice stuff - I love the color of that cowl!

Rima said...

Nice hat and cowl! As always, a great job!