Monday, October 5

obsess much?

Thank you for the orange quilt love. I had a pretty good time making that one.

knitted hats
I went from never wanting to knit a hat to not being able to stop. I was thinking of making hats for my friends kids for Christmas. How fun would that be? I could try out different patterns and yarns!! However, after realizing it is extremely hard to make hats for little people because who knew they each have such different head sizes and the darn hats don't fit (I feel like a big dork when a present doesn't fit). So I will stick to making hats for babies, who can grow into them if they don't fit, and for my girl. I thought for sure Lilly was going to be super excited for her blue hat but after trying it on and giggling (hmmm), I have yet to get it on her head again. We lost her favorite hat which was too small anyway so I am hoping by default she will wear this one.

knitted hats

Patterns: The three ear flap hats are each sized down from the adult kittyville hat pattern (also found in Stitch and Bitch Knitting. See my rav project page for the mods.

The little baby hat is the umbilical cord hat (rav link) from Stitch and Bitch Knitting.

Yarn: Lion Brand Pound of Love in denim (this yarn can be found for 5 bucks on sale and is very forgiving and washable, good for baby mamas)

I didn't want to knit hats because of those dreaded double pointed needles but they are not so bad. I like the bamboo needles because they are light. I have a pair of double pointed needles (my grandmas) I am using for a Christmas gift and they are so hard to work with because they are a heavy metal and the yarn is delicate. However, I am enjoying making a few pairs of toast/toasty gloves. So far I have one glove done in each pattern. One pair is for me and I hope to get crackin' on that second one soon, I need them in the mornings! I actually have quite a bit going on including a couple birthday presents, the kind of busy week I like to have!


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julia said...

The toasty gloves are great! I might actually brave the DPNs just so I can have a pair of my own.