Monday, October 12

buttons and toasts

It is getting colder here, perfect timing for JoAnn's to have buy one get one on buttons (ps. they also had tons of cute quilting cotton for 1.50 a yard?!?! are you kidding me?!?!) so I could finish my buttony. This blue was not the color I had in mind, I was thinking a fun red or parakeet blue but those didn't look right, this pretty blue was it!
buttony buttons!


toasty mitts for me.
toasty mitts
I feel like I am always crafting for me. but seriously these are awesome, I am glad they are mine. I am working on another pair for a Christmas gift so maybe I am not totally selfish?

Pattern: toasty
yarn: cascade 220 in dark gold heather (I still have tons left from my lace panel cardi, such a good color to have around)

toasty mitts

toasty mitts


Anonymous said...

Those blue buttons are PERFECT for your buttony sweater!

Stephanie said...

The buttons are a stellar choice.. I love them! And your toasties do look super toasty but what about your fingers?

nicole said...

love them both. the thumb gusset was a good choice...your stitches are so even...i'm jealous! i might have to copy you and make me a pair in that color. and you are a very UNSELFISH crafter!

The Hulls said...

Very cute Jenni! Man, I still can't get over all that you can do! Your amazing!

Rima said...

The blue is the "perfectest" color. Great choice. And nice mitts--you deserve them.

UK lass in US said...

The buttons look perfect for it - and the toasty mitts look lovely. I keep wondering if I need a pair of those, but I do have 2 pairs of fingerless mitts already. And I live in California...

diplofam said...

Hi Jenni, this is Carin from Margaret's Hope Chest-just saying thank-you for helping us reach our goal of 400 quilts. Your hands are being used to bless a child here in Grand Rapids!