Thursday, October 22

my mom's birthday

Oh my gosh, I was getting so annoyed with blogger the other night because I couldn't figure out why I couldn't get to any of my posts by their individual links. The posts would come up any other way except by their own links! So after much frustration and emails from blogger, I actually read a help file in blogger that suggested I uploaded my html template backup file. So I did. and now the links work...(light bulb comes on) I remembered a few weeks ago I was messing around with the blog template trying to do something, can't remember now. So, oooops! sorry blogger, you are a nice blog host!

When my mom was here, it was her birthday!!

Her gift included:

a small tea pot wall hanging (pattern here)
tea pot wall hanging
tea pot wall hanging

this was fun to make and I used our favorite colors and fabric scraps that were from special projects from the past except that orange lid. I knew it wouldn't look right but I thought just maybe (insert sewing here), dang it! but I didn't realize how much I didn't like it until the whole thing was done (insert laziness here). Mom's have unconditional love, right?

quilted coasters (project found in last minute quilted gifts)
quilted coasters
again these fabrics were from projects past

travel bag/ gift wrap
I put her gift in a travel bag (project found in weekend sewing), that also served as the wrapping paper. I am pretty pumped about that travel bag project. I made one for my dad too in his favorite colors (also matches his suitcase). He was really happy with his travel bag, awesome for a guy that I would normally never attempt to make a gift for.

My mom's birthday was when I was actually in Chicago so we celebrated the next day with her favorite cake:
oreo banana cake

Layers of whipped cream, sliced bananas, crushed, and whole oreos. Kept in the fridge for a cool and REALLY GOOD cake!

Mom, thank you for celebrating your birthday with us, you are the BEST!


Laurie Anne said...

Mmmmm...yummmmy looking cake! Are you sure there's enough whipped cream on there? I think it needs just a tad more :)
Lovely gifts for your Mom, I especially love the wall hanging :)

Stephanie said...

seriously.. how did you get your coaster lines so straight?! For the life of me I can't do anything straight. gr. The tea pot is adorable, I love those colors too - lucky momma!!

accountantgrrl said...

That cake looks so yummy. The gifts are divine.

UK lass in US said...

Your mum is a lucky lady. All three are really lovely.