Tuesday, October 20

Chicago knitting!

I am still here! Things have been busy and fun. First, my parents have been visiting since last week. They are leaving tomorrow, so sad. Their visit has gone by entirely too quick especially because a few of the days I went to Chicago for work. Gregg was gone for the past 3 weeks doing an away rotation (I can't remember if I have mentioned here that he is in med school?) so our girl was left by both of us to be spoiled by Grammie and Grampie. I was spoiled too, I love flying places without her. So much less stressful when she is not sitting (or rather spazzing out) next to me in the plane. I think I am still traumatized from our last plane trip together (although I have plans to take her on my next work trip to....ANAHIEM! hmmm, I wonder what we will do there???). So with all that relaxing time on my hands in my travels I did some knitting!

Felicity hat:

October 183
(we're winking)

felicity hat

HELLO!! Freakin' love this hat. I started this hat here and finished it in Chicago, thank goodness, it was so cold over there.

felicity hat

Mods are listed in my raverly page as is the link to the pattern page.

Yarn: I used Berroco ultra alpaca yarn in the colorway tiger's eye mix. I feel like such a broken record, this colorway is almost the same as my lovely dark gold healther Cascade 220. I love these colors. I had narrowed down the Berroco to the tiger's eye and the most wonderful dark pea soup color but I just couldn't deny that brown/reddish/orangey goodness. Maybe I should have branched out? or maybe I should just make another one? maybe next year...

Instant Gratification Scarf:
instant gratification scarf

This scarf was super easy just like the name suggests (pattern here). The look is great very lacey, even with some ultra soft bulky yarn. I got a great deal on some misti international bulky yarn. I have been wanting to try knitting with this stuff, it is like touching clouds! (rav project page) This is a gift but I have a plan for one for me!
instant gratification scarf

Mitered Kitchen Towel
hanging towel

This was fun for a few rows then I got over it. It seemed like it took forever and lets face it, its a k i t c h e n towel.
Pattern: mitered hanging towel

One more thing...I am a WINNER! I was pumped to have received this in the mail...
winner! winner! winner!

I won a giveaway that Lyanna was having for her birthday! (how nice was that to do a giveaway on her day???) Thanks Lyanna!

see you soon!


Kent and Katie said...

What a great post, as always:) I love your blog!! I gave you an award!! PIck it up over at www.hipposanddinosaurs.blogspot.com

nicole said...

oh you and your amazing productivity! what are we going to do with you?! LOVE the hat!

Lyanna said...

That hat is very cute, and I can see why you love the yarn. I would be hooked on it too. I so wish I had more time to knit, it's soooo relaxing!

Stephanie said...

I know now that the reason I don't knit or crochet hats is because I would never look as cute in them!! It's adorable.. and the winking pic - hilarious!

UK lass in US said...

Cute hat. I might have to try that scarf, too - I've got a wee ball of yarn that I've been wondering if I can squeeze a hat or scarf for my daughter out of it.

Are you going to Anaheim any time soon? If so, you won't be needing the hat.

Shorty said...

You've got some great stuff! Love the hat, and that's awesome that you were the big winner!