Monday, August 10

buttony sweater!

buttony sweater

I am really happy with this sweater. If I could change one thing though it would be my loose cast on and thus loose stitches to the start of the sweater, blocking didn't help this as much as I wanted it too. (you can see the loose stitches on the back photo). The buttony pattern is a little vague so I used some mods I found in ravelry, if you are interested please check my ravelry project page.

buttony sweater

I just need some buttons, I feel like this is a REALLY important decision so I am going to carefully consider my options first.

my next knitting project...flower shirt for Lills.
beginnings of a flower shirt

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Stephanie said...

LOVE!!! that sweater. Its beeee-utiful! I understand the need for the "perfect" button, can't wait to see what you pick!