Tuesday, August 18

version 6

thank you for your comments on the pinwheel quilt!

stripey stocking


stripey blanket DONE!
fireman's hat for craft hope DONE!
bracelets ugghhh


Gregg's Christmas stocking DONE!


string pillow
sock monkey for craft hope DONE!
superhero cape DONE!
wonky block quilt DONE!
hexagon flower DONE!
shoulder bag of somesort DONE!
market skirt DONE!



framed silhouettes wip, just need frames still, seriously I vow to finish this one, it will not be on the next list
color mobile
art hook

Things I am totally in love with but way too nervous to try (maybe):

wonky butterfly block
paper pieced rainbow swirl block (btw, my love for this is OUT OF CONTROL)

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