Thursday, August 6

mod tree wall hanging

I know it is only August. But when you see a project you get all giddy and freakin' pumped about, you should just go ahead and make it. Plus, I am already in Christmas mode with the stockings and all. So this past weekend, I made a wall hanging.

mod christmas tree wall hanging

I absolutely loved the Christmas tree skirt tutorial at SMS. But I don't need a Christmas tree skirt. My mom made me a pretty red and white one a few years ago. But because we always spend Christmas at our families house (except for that one Christmas we spent on bed rest while baking my daughter), we haven't gotten to use it. So I used the modern tree block for a wall hanging. I did the tutorial as stated for the block but in the end mine was 15.5 by 17.5 instead of 15.5 inches square. (I have yet to figure out what I did wrong.) Then I cut 4 inch strips of fabric to go around as a thick border, quilted, binded, done! The white fabric is my first project with kona cotton, awww, nice stuff. My mom has been raving about it for awhile now. I can see why mom, but maybe I should put it in a blanket instead of on the wall. Those maverick stars are also great. Nicole suggested how perfect either block would be as a pillow cover. oh yes!

mod christmas tree wall hanging
(don't mind those uneven dots, the fabric was not printed right and I was just too lazy to fussy cut it, I mean it should have been straight lines of dots, why should I have to do more work? my first annoyance with Joann fabrics)

Jenni: Gregg, are you surprised I am Christmas crafting?
Gregg: absolutely not.
Jenni: (smiles with a sigh)


RosaMarĂ­a said...

lovely! i see this block before (at SMS) and yours is pretty!

Stephanie said...

haha.. those dots will get ya every time! It definitely adds more character that way.. really!
So... no Christmas Tree skirt eh? How about a Christmas table runner? My new table is ACHING for a fab runner this year!! Something simple - yet stunning?!?! Ideas? Suggestions??

clintandleximorgan said...

I love how you say..'so this past weekend, I just made it' if I could do that in one weekend. First...where would I find the time..second...not near as much skill. Though today I bought fleece and am going to make a tie quilt for Carter bed!! I found this great space material...Carter helped pick it out and he LOVES it!!! One day I'll post pictures..when it's done. Goal: when the weather is cold.

nicole said...

you always do the projects you say you are going to do... and yes i am on the computer in oregon. can't resist!! went to fabric depot today...G was displeased with the bill...

Rima said...

Lovely lovely lovely. So simple, let so complex.