Wednesday, August 19

a lake

I heard about a lake that is only 40 minutes away from some of my neighbors, who knew there was one so close? I guess last year whenever it was hot we just went to Hershey Park. No such luck for us this year without season passes and actually it really hasn't been that hot, but now the hotness is here. So after a mere mention of the word swimming to Lilly this weekend, we were off.

Her lake outfit. (she packed plastic food for us in her lunch box)
August 218

The lake must be man made because it has cement slabs and a fence on the borders and there is no beach leading up to it just grass and trees but it was nice to sit in the shade. Lilly and Gregg swam the whole time, with 2 minute stuff-her-face-with-as-many-sun-chips-as-she-could breaks for Lilly. I swam a tiny bit and mainly sat in the shade and crocheted. I have to keep up my white legs, no tan here!

August 223

August 225

August 226

August 229

August 235

August 245
(seriously, leave me alone about my white body, I am trying to put myself in front of the camera more so Lilly knows I was actually around)


nicole said...

white legs are completely acceptable - no one wants skin cancer! lilly is getting so big!

Kristin9204 said...

I love your white legs, mine are the same. I have to remind myself to get in the pictures because I am the same way. I swear our kids are going to think they didn't have moms, just them and their dads.

pam said...

LOL you are so white !!!! That's good no skin cancer for you love your suit as well as Lillys'

~Kara said...

wow. I'm blinded by ur white body and goofy smile. LMAO.

~Kara said...

wow. I'm blinded by ur white body and goofy smile. LMAO.

J Manson Squared said...

I'm right there with ya Jenni...I hide in the shade if at all possible. We'll be wrinkle and cancer free in our old age!

Hansen Family said...

I have to agree with keeping your white legs white!!! Skin cancer stinks. I still put sunblock on and I get tanned:( Cute pictures of Lily:)

Deanne said...

Hey whitey! :) You always look fab. White or not! The lake is a fun find for you guys!